Flush feeding is an effective aid in sheep farming

By JW van Niekerk, technical advisor, AFGRI Animal Feeds An aspect that can have a major impact on the effectivity of sheep farming, is an increase in conception rate and fecundity (multiplets). Flush feeding is a management aid that can be effectively used, under certain circumstances, to increase the lambing percentage and profitability of a […]

Complementing your Spring pasture for maximum and sustained production

Tian Keet, Technical Advisor, AFGRI Animal Feeds.   Spring is an exciting time in the dairy industry especially for the farmer milking off pasture-based systems. This is your time for more profitable milking due to generally lower input costs and expected higher milk production. Spring however, seem to past far quicker than what we want, […]

AFGRI Pig feeds at SAPPO

AFGRI Pig Feeds made a welcome impression with their stand at the SAPPO Symposium, hosted by the South African Pork Producers Organisation on the 5th and 6th of September. All the major role players in the pork industry were gathered at this prestigious event that marked the confidence of an industry on the rise. The […]

Bypass plant proteins blended to the highest standards. Yours

  Performance-blendedplant proteins for maximum bypass and bioavailability. Download the Amino Max Brochure here  

Foot and Mouth Disease and Market Access

Foot-and-mouth disease and market access: challenges for the beef industry in southern Africa Ian Scoones William Wolmer Download the Food and Mouth Disease and Market Access article here

Aanvullende Voeding in die Produksiefase Deel II

Aanvullende Voeding in die Produksiefase Deur Dr. Heinri Spangenberg – Direkteur: Tegniese Verkope AFGRI Veevoere In teenstelling met onderhoudslekke wat slegs op winterveld of met swak kwaliteit ruvoer gebruik word en ten doel het om die dier te onderhou, word produksielekke vir verskillende produksiedoelwitte op ʼn verskeidenheid van veld- of ruvoertipes aangewend. ‘n Winsgewende alternatief […]

Aanvullende Voeding in die Produksiefase Deel 1

Fosfaat- en Spoorminerale-aanvulling in die Produksiefase Deur Dr. Heinri Spangenberg – Direkteur: Tegniese Verkope Afgri Veevoere Die aanvulling van diere en spesifiek herkouers se voedingsbehoeftes op ‘n gegewe tyd van die jaar of tydens ‘n spesifieke produksiefase is ‘n uiters belangrike strategie in dierevoeding. Indien hierdie strategie optimaal en kundig toegepas word is die dividende […]