AFGRI Animal Feeds is an innovative and technologically advanced supplier of animal feed products and services. With strategically placed mills and depots to ensure ease of sourcing products suited for optimal animal performance.

AFGRI Animal Feeds products are manufactured with care and based on innovative technology, research and processes. Altogether, to guarantee that animals achieve their peak performance and health with optimal nutrition.

AFGRI Animal Feeds plays a vital role in the food chain by transforming high quality raw materials into balanced feed for superior animal production.

At AFGRI Animal Feeds we are committed to providing outstanding technical expertise through skilled staff, superior products, sound advice and services to our customers in an effort to address their ever-increasing peak production needs, while at the same time ensuring that AFGRI makes a positive contribution to food production and food security across Africa.

AFGRI Animal Feeds offers a comprehensive range of rations for livestock. AFGRI Animal Feeds is competitive in the pet food market, through the well-known Jock Dog Food brand.

Our extensive range of products is uniquely formulated to comprise the variable requirements of animals. Products are developed to ensure animals are able to utilise the feed in a healthy and efficient way, resulting in an economically viable and a sustainable partnership with our customers.

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