AFGRI Animal Feeds is committed to providing technical expertise, sound advice and services to our customers to support their business needs and improve outcomes.

Having a production capacity of over 800 000 tons per annum, AFGRI Animal Feeds is one of South Africa’s leading animal feed manufacturers.

Six feed mills are strategically located nationally, striving to deliver anywhere in South Africa and even exporting to neighbouring countries. All feed mills are ISO9001 certified and conform to AFMA regulations. AFGRI Animal Feeds is committed to their Quality and Food Safety Policy and strives for continuous improvement.

AFGRI Animal Feeds is supported by a central laboratory – Labworld. The laboratory utilises state of the art equipment together with a high standard of analytical methodology to provide accurate results for all analyses performed on samples of animal feeds, both in raw material and on finished feed formats. Animal feed samples received by the laboratory are tested for concentrations of protein, moisture, minerals, fibre, fat, soya quality and amino acids to name a few, with results compiled into a detailed report.

Feed to enhance production

Through various agreements with international partners, as well as local formulations based on research and development, AFGRI Animal Feeds is able to offer clients cutting edge feed which enhances production.