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R1167 – AminoMax

Quality bypass protein supplement for ruminants.

Benefits of AminoMax

  • AminoMax™ is produced by highly controlled enzymatic processing technology which is unique in the world.
  • AminoMax™ has a minimum bypass protein value of 65% and is highly digestible in the lower intestine.
  • AminoMax™ is urea-free.
  • AminoMax™ amino acid profile complements the amino acid requirements of ruminants in the lower intestine for different production functions such as growth, meat-, wool- and milk production.
  • AminoMax™ is very palatable and therefore promotes feed intake.
  • AminoMax™ reduces nitrogen excretion and is therefore environment friendly.
  • AminoMax™ improves the efficiency of protein utilisation in the animal.
  • AminoMax™ is produced according to “green” technology standards, thus not harmful to the environment and safe to work with.
  • AminoMax™ holds zero risk of harmful residues in milk or meat.